Nearby Places To Visit

  • Baneshwar Temple in Nasrapur

    This is a famous Shiva temple located on Velha road. It has a garden and play area for children. The Garden here is also called a forest garden and thus the name “Baneshwar”.

  • Balaji Temple at Ketkavale

    This is a famous temple located near the Pune Satara road. This is also a small replica of the Balaji temple at Tirupati.

  • Famous Shri Gurudatta Temple at Ketkavle

    This is a famous temple close to Pune Satara road. This temple is reputed as 'Jagrut' is as called in Marathi Language. What 'Jagrut' means is your wishes come true when you pray in this temple.

  • Two forts Rajgad and Torna Fort, are at an hour's distance from Jalmeen.

    Rajgad is a hill fort located in Pune district. This fort was the capital of the Maratha Empire. This fort has great historical importance and thus is a major tourist destination. You can also visit the Padmavati temple here.

    Torna fort is one of the important forts in the Maratha Empire. This fort is also called Prachandagad. It is located at a height of 1400m above sea level. This fort is now a heritage site.

  • The necklace point at Nira River at Bhor Phata

    This is a beautiful amalgamation of the 2 rivers Nira and Gujawani river. The shape of this river resembles that of a necklace and hence the name. It is truly a sight to behold.

  • Bhatghar dam at Bhor

    Bhatghar dam is located 15 Kms from Jalmeen. This dam was built for irrigation purposes and to generate hydroelectricity during British Period. It is one of the oldest dams in Pune.